Michael Barnes
for Page
Justice of the Peace!

The Rule of Law

 Begins with Personal Integrity


College Education

Graduated from Cochise College 1995 with a Liberal Arts Degree

Attended Several Universities and Colleges along the way, to include:

Northern Arizona University

University of Maryland

University of Maryland (Baltimore County)

The Community College of the Air Force

Rio Salado University (Phoenix)

Rockhurst University 

Eastern Kentucky University

Studied everything from Accounting, Anatomy, Chemistry, History, Music, Political Science, Religion and Secondary Education.  Then took it all after serving in the United States Air Force and Joined the Coconino County Sheriff's Office where I have been serving for almost 23 years.



Graduated from the Phoenix Arizona Police Academy in 1998

Graduated from the Pima County Correctional Academy in 1996

I have continued my Correctional & Police Officer Training over the last 23 years through attendance in the following continuing Education Programs:

The Arizona Peace Officer Standards & Training Board Courses

The American Jail Association Courses

Public agency Training Coucil Courses

Employee Growth & Development Series of Courses

Fred Pryor University Trainings

Park University Kansas Training

Completing Nearly 200 hours of continued Educational Training

Job experience


1998 Received CPR & First Aid Training Certifications

2001-2018 Arizona Correctional Academy Instructor Certification

2002 Supervisor Academy Graduate

2004 Critical Incident Counselor/Commander

2005 Life Saving Award recipient

2005 Hostage Negotiator

2006 Leadership Academy Graduate

2007 Certified Fingerprint Recognition Expert

2006 FEMA Qulifications received

  1. Incident Commander
  2. ICS for Single Resources & Initial Action Incidents
  3. NIMS National Incident Management System


Who I Am

I was born into a family that believes in putting God first in all things.  If my parents taught me anything it was that we are all on this journey together and that we need to show Love and Respect to everyone we come in contact with, regardless of our perceived social status in this life.  We are all in this experiment of life together and we are all going to make mistakes.  We need to Love and Serve each other and make life better for each other individually as well as a community together.  But we are also all responsible for our actions and must obey the laws as they are written and know that there is a price to pay and consequences for our mistakes when we make them.  We also need to have the courage and the wisdom to change the laws when it becomes necessary or when they become outdated and need to be changed for the good of our society and our community as a whole.

I have tried to live by the Golden Rule, Matthew 7:12, "Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them."  If you choose to elect me as the Justice of the Peace for the Page Precinct, I will do my best to treat all those I see with equal Justice under the law. I believe that the rule of law begins with personal integrity and I expect those in my community to hold me to that standard, while owning up to their own mistakes as well.  Rather than all of us continuing to make the same mistakes over and over again, hopefully we can all learn from our mistakes and avoid becoming repeat offenders and improve our own lives and the lives of those living within our community.


I personally invite you to come out on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 and exercise your right to vote for whoever you feel you would like to put your trust in for the Office of Page Justice of the Peace.  I hope and pray that you will put that trust in me.